Our trainings are dynamic, concrete and motivating. Our trainings are available in FRENCH, ENGLISH, ITALIAN, SPANISH and DUTCH.

We first realize an audit of your business needs in order to create customized role-plays for you.

1.Management trainings

2.Sales & negotiation trainings

3.Speaking and infuence trainings

4.Women trainings

Management trainings

Question : Do you think this manager is watching his employees to track their failures?

Answer : This manager is delighted to see what his team has achieved ! It’s further, faster and stronger that he could ever imagine ! Through improvised theatre, he has developed skills to welcome and give value to others’ suggestions and ideas. He can now create a strong momentum and empower his team to make them more responsible… of their own success !

To manage... to win!

We can help you to practice participating and ownership management.
  • Discover what type of manager you are in order to develop your strenghts and increase your improvement opportunities.
  • Add participating management to your behavioral skills because this management is more and more successful.
  • Maximize your impact and your power of persuasion to motivate, get support.. and successful teams !

Non-hierarchical management

Active, efficient and transversal management. Get influence, promote and foster a dynamic to make progress on your projects… even in a non-hierarchical position !
  • Get key leadership, communication and influence competencies in order to convince, motivate and train your partners and people in the lack of hierarchical link
  • Get legitimacy and trust by working on your assertiveness
  • Get experience on the motivating factors to gain the adherence of your partners and people and to move efficiently your projects.

Diversity Management

A team is a group of different personalities.
  • Get experience to understand psychology by identifying the skills and talents of your employees to get a successful team in which functions are consistent with the profiles of each one.Optimize the work force to build a balanced and full team.
  • Learn how to find the motivating factors specific to each of your team members.Co-animation with an expert of talent topology

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